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Industry Trends
China large cement business leaders Roundtable 2015 was held in Hangzhou 2015/03/20
In 2014, the national cement production growth rate was 1.8%, which was the lowest level in 24 years 2015/01/20
In 2014, 54 new cement clinker production was built, adding capacity of 70.3 mm tons 2015/01/09
Cement industry: 1H2014 has achieved profit growth by 52.7% YoY 2014/08/25
Ministry of communications: the planned FAI in transportation is RMB 1.6 trillion in 2H2014 2014/07/21
The cement overcapacity regions are trying to test staggering production and will be promoted to national-wide later on 2014/07/11
Keqiang Li: 42million tonnes of outdated cement capacity will be phased out this year 2014/03/05
The profit of cement industry for 2013 realized 76.6billion yuan 2014/02/08
The growth rate of national cement production from January to October was 9.0% 2013/11/09
NDRC: Thousand kilometers metro will be constructed within three years, which will drive the investment amounting to 700 billion Yuan 2013/08/21
The national fixed-asset investment in transportation has completed about 751.187 billion Yuan from January to July 2013/08/15
GDP for the first half of the year was 2.48 billion Yuan, which increased by 7.6% YoY 2013/07/15
Wind power equipment manufacture industry present a sign of recovery 2013/05/17
The growth rate of national cement output from January to April is 8.4% 2013/05/13
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced its budget for 2013, in which the housing security expenditure will be increased by 17.54% 2013/04/26
The Railway Investment for 1st quarter achieved RMB54.51 billion, which increased RMB11.92 billion over the same period of last year 2013/04/12
The Total Operating Profit of Cement Product Industry for the First-half 2012 Records RMB14.64 Billion, up 8.6% year on year 2012/08/08
NDRC Approves over 200 Projects Month by Month and Local Governments Invest steadily 2012/08/06
MIIT: National Investment in Primary Industry for First-half 2012 Records RMB 6,589.7 Billion 2012/08/01
MIIT: National Investment in Primary Industry for First-half 2012 Records RMB 6,589.7 Billion 2012/08/01
GDP Growth Records 7.8% in First Half and 7.6% in the Second Quarter 2012/07/13
Yunnan: 196.3 Thousands Units of Social Housing to be Completed by the Year End 2012/07/06
Central Government Invests RMB 800 billion in Water Conservancy during “Twelfth-five Year” 2012/06/25
The Infrastructure Investment is Expected to Reach 7.89 Trillion Yuan 2012/05/24
The Growth Rate of National Cement Production from January to February Falls Down to 5.5% 2012/05/11
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